Eduardo Santos


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Hi Everyone,

Quantum essentially takes on the concept of a future mobile app where we could automate a lot of our daily tasks in our smart homes, allowing us to make better use of our time, thus enabling us to drive focus to areas that matter the most in our lives.


The main premises of this entire concept is that I should be aware of what’s happening in my smart home, whether I’m inside it, or outside. I should also be in control of the entire experience. With recipes created by myself, my smart home could perform tasks based on a set of rules that I’ve imprinted in the app. Think about a kind of IFTTT but for a smart home, which I could use to automate and monitor it while being away on work, or on vacations, anywhere!

There’s some use cases that I’ve tried to demonstrate in these screens, but essentially you can create rules and schedules. Rules work as...

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